Pinetti Leather Shop

This stopped me dead in my tracks when I suddenly noticed HOW these bags and ottomans and more were made… they all use the same simple leather units to build them up! I imagined the packaging being a DIY stack of leather pieces with instructions on the many possible configurations. What a beautiful and unusual use of leather…

Turns out these are the brand new Pinetti products experimenting with materials and shapes creating collections like “Hook” trying to interpret our contemporary lifestyle. The Hook collection makes use of one single leather module without the aid of glue or staples, to create several different types of handmade objects. How’s that for an inspiring DIY idea?!


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12 responses to “MODULAR LEATHER BAGS…are genius!

  1. I really LOVE it! (especially the luggage-style bag…)
    I am just wondering… is the bag strong enough to carry it all day?

    • Don

      I certainly agree that the style is awesome. I think regarding strength, it is what you “carry” in the tote that will be the deciding factor. Alone, each modular piece appears weak but as a collective they work in unison. There is strength in numbers.

  2. Jaggs

    Is there a pattern or tut for this bag or the making of the strips. I have a source for leather and I really like to try and make something similar. A couple of questions that I have is…say I have the strips is the fabric part of the bag constructed first and then the leather strips shell added? How would I attached the leather shell to the bag?

    Any info at all would be truly appreciated.

    Thank you,


    • Don

      Jaggs….this is not my design, so there is no tutorial. I show it as a good example of DIY design and to show the construction need not be complex.
      The shape of the leather unit appears in the photography; they interlock together. The fabric portion i would think is free-hold and takes the shape of the interwoven leather shape, but it could be held in place with some fastener, such as Velcro, or sewn in to make it permanent.

      I hope it inspires you to think of your own DIY ideas to execute for yourself.


  3. Lynne Wilson Orr

    I love the idea of the modular shapes and I am going to try to do something similar in indsutrial wool felt. Think what fun it would be to add gold or silver leaf to the felt, add some beads, etc. Thank you so much for publishing these ideas as inspiration. Love it!

  4. leather bags are nice specially if you get the original ones that are made by Prada or Gucci ::

  5. Hi there fantastic article , Thank you giving this information

  6. Undeniably alluring creations, probably because of the craftsmanship and effort that they put behind their every design.

  7. thank you Don, you are wonderful for sharing!

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