photo credit: morgane le gall

“az & mut: hanging gardens”


Urban gardening solutions for at-home gardening by the Paris-based studio: Az & Mut

Made from a biological cotton, ‘hanging gardens‘, are cloth hand bags that act as a good alternative to planting balcony boxes for plants and flowers. Doubling as a fashion accessory, they simplify the transportation of greenery from the florist or nursery. The new smaller concept of the garden bag design can also act as a means of preventing excess packaging, which occurs when you buy flowers in a standard pot. They can easily be hung from balcony railings or hung from hooks for easy container gardening.

A brilliant idea for the do-it-yourself designer and gardener.


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3 responses to “AZ & MUT: HANGING GARDENS

  1. Glad to see you are back! I’ve learned so much from your old site and I share your passion for bags. Fantastic tutorials, Don.

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