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Get creatively green by recycling clothes.

Whether you call it recycling, refashioning, repurposing, reclaiming or something else, it’s the act of showing off your individuality as well as taking a stand toward consumer culture, the clothing industry and the environment that makes it valuable.

Enjoy the design process and have fun hunting for a good mix of fabrics, that you have no qualms with ripping apart. You may get something out of it you’ll love.

Start off small. Find inexpensive clothing at thrift shops, garage sales or even set up a clothes swap with your friends. Utilize the look of vintage clothing and the old shapes and tiny details, try to figure out a way to incorporate them into something new for your design-it-yourself bags.

Etsy shop SewMuchStyle sells messenger bags/laptop sleeves made from used suit coats, so no two bags are alike. The size of the bag and the fabric colours can be customized to your taste. The designer says to look at the design, texture, and colours for an idea of what they should become… “sometimes it can made into what they should be right away and some need to be set aside and looked at until there purpose becomes evident.”

It takes your own time and creativity, and inspiration comes from many places.

SewMuchStyle (

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  1. I had so much fun making bags out of old bags and jeans! I’d really love to make some again!

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