Photo Credit: Adrian Ehrat

Can cargo tarps be upcycled into chic reptillian-scaled bags? Why, YES!

At Freitag’s newly opened NYC shop you will find over 1,000 of the Zurich-based brand’s one-of-a-kind bags cut from used truck tarpaulins, but you will also find a surprising twist on their main material. Showing a softer side of Markus and Daniel Freitag, the brotherly duo’s Fake Snake limited edition handbags reveal a more malleable take on tarp.

Each bag is comprised of 648 pieces, all assembled by hand and laced together over a six-hour process. Producing just ten bags for each colorway, each limited run is housed at one of Freitag’s five flagship stores around the world. Part of their Spring/Summer 2011 Reference collection. For a closer look at the making of the bags check out Adrian Ehrat’s downloadable photos on their webpage (click the link below).




Filed under Design Inspiration


  1. Jess

    The blue and grey one would be perfect for my everyday bag!


  2. Very pretty, great inspiration!

  3. Don

    the recycling vibe is a real hit with DIY.

  4. Cool! I have some old tarps fluttering around the farm, wonder what I could make with them?

  5. Amazing! Pinned your tutorials to pinterest! Great site you have!

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