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Fashion aficionado will know that minimalism is a growing trend among modern designers. But why is minimalism so popular? For those who might be unfamiliar with the term, minimalism is a design concept that strips things down to their bare essentials – a handbag will just be a handbag, not a purse/cup holder/sculpture. Minimalism seeks to bring out the core of our self-image, enhancing functionality while minimizing the unnecessary details and embellishments. In terms of presentation, it is said that, “less is more”.

Some people have argued that along with stripping design of its “extras”, minimalism also strips it of its style. Without the little details that makes every piece unique, how can you create a stylish, beautiful handbag? I can tell you that minimalism can achieve great style, if the right balance is achieved and the beauty of the fabric is allowed to speak for itself. There are several benefits of design minimalism that I think you’ll love, even if you only incorporate it into one handbag or add minimalist elements to enhance your next DIY project.

Optimum visual impact. Let the beauty of the fabric shine, when adopting this motto of “less is more,” in order to develop an impression of high simplicity yet optimum visual impact. The fabric choice will also be decided by playing up its surface, utilizing fundamental geometric shapes for outlining, utilizing just one shape or a tiny number of similar shapes for elements of design unity, utilizing non-fussy tasteful vibrant colour blends, typically natural colours and textures, with fine clean finishes.

Clean lines and creating harmony. Minimalism is all about trimming the fat of the often excessive modern design trends. A fully minimalist bag design will naturally be embellishment-free, as pure form is hidden by chunky hardware and accent trims. Along with less detailing, a minimalist bag will give you a subtle peace of mind, as it exhibits a calmness in your design.

Minimalism is money-saving. Depending on how you incorporate minimalism into your project, you can save budget dollars on the little extras and hardware that you don’t buy. No more trendy fashion fads that you love and then leave a season later.

Simple, clear fashion statement. Minimalism will free up the expression of your personal style image, making it look classic and more timeless. You’ll love walking through your lifestyle and taking a confident approach at self-expression.

Here is a simple design tutorial using the lined zippered bag technique to illustrate the minimalist design concept. (click here for link)

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