Photo Credit: Kyson Leather

Jennifer Martin posted the BAG’N-TELLE design blog earlier this year on the Leather Hide Store DIY leather blog page as a resource to their customers.

LeatherHideStore.com is a small family-owned supplier of leather upholstery hides for home, auto and apparel use. Their upholstery leather is sold at wholesale and they have been catering to the DIY community, leather crafters and small upholstery shops in the US and Canada since 2004.
Kyson Leather has a new website that I believe has one of the best “leather buying guides” on the Web. All the content is original, visual and targeted to the novice leather buyer. I encourage you to consider taking a look at their site and see whether this is something of value to you and your design-it-yourself projects.

Hunter Schofield, the owner and expert on leather is also available to provide any info you would like to know about leather and free samples are available so you can see and feel the upholstery leather before you buy. Here is a link to the homepage (including video of Hunter and his family that tells his story), a link to the Leather Buying Guide and  DIY Leather page.

Visit online: www.leatherhidestore.com


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4 responses to “LEATHER SOURCING

  1. Thanks for sharing yet another great tip. Although I haven’t got around to make a bag myself I really appreciate your expert tutorials and advice.

    So I’ve nominated you for an One Lovely Blog Award a couple of days ago. I realize it’s a bit of a chain letter thing that not everyone want to participate in. But I thought at the very least by nominating you more people might find and get to learn from your blog too.

    Anyway, should you wish to participate, you can find the One Lovely Blog Award rules and the award badge at my blog: http://overflowingstash.wordpress.com/2012/12/10/and-the-award-goes-to/

    Looking forward to more bag making tutorials and advice from you in the coming year! 🙂


  2. Juliette

    Don, just wanted to thank you so much for all the information and tutorials. I really love them.

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