photo credit: Rob Whitfield

Thank you to all my followers for making the first week of my online design class a huge success.


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14 responses to “THANK YOU

  1. Regina Utima

    Eu admiro muito o seu trabalho e sua disposição em ensinar e orientar aqueles que desejam ser um pouco como você. Muito obrigada!

  2. LunaLoo

    I am so happy to have found you :), here and on Craftsy!
    Thank you, LunaLoo

  3. Hey Don!! I took a beginner sewing class from you a year ago through TDSB at Central Tech. I really was enjoying it, but, sadly, my Millicent was diagnosed with lymphoma and I was too stressed to continue the course and complete it. BUT, I was so inspired to sew and have taken it up and now have my own blog also on wordpress and am now sewing!! I am still, obviously, a beginner, but am just thrilled with it. I like all aspects of it, the creativity, the math, the fabrics, the choices. 🙂 So happy to have taken your class and been inspired. Good luck with your first Craftsy course. Looks like a good one!

  4. I noticed your Craftsy class today and have shared it on Facebook. Yours will be my next class – hope you get lots of subscribers

  5. This blog has been a big inspiration to me. Thanks so much for the etsy class, too. The format is really nice for individual pace. I’m attempting to incorporate some of the techniques to painted canvas which is similar but has it’s own unique qualities to deal with. And I hope to someday create a leather version as well!


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