Photo Credit: The Less Rain Shop

I’m all about the creative idea! For anyone who grew up loving Japanese origami, 3-D geometric shapes, and felt, take a look at these inspirational bag designs. A new collection at Less Rain Shop in Berlin, PowerArchitect’s  Tetra Bag and Purses. The bag is cut and folded from a single piece of felt.



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4 responses to “DESIGN INSPIRATION: Tetra Bags

  1. NiCaam

    Hi Don,
    I’m interested in taking your craftsy class, the only reason I’m putting it off for a bit is because my recent “to do” list far outweighs my need to add anymore DIY projects at the moment, but chomping at the bit nonetheless. I love this bag (see note to self about adding another DIY project), wondering how it would hold up with a quilt top and stiff interface lining….hummmm. Love it.

    • Don

      I should think it would work as long as the layering was not too thick. My suggestion is try making up a sample. What have you got to lose?

  2. Carol

    Love this… Will try – eventually 😂. Thank you for being here. I have seen a few things I may try. Time permitting.

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