be dior

Photo courtesy of French Vogue

” be dior bag”                               

For your little design zen for today, the Be Dior bag …introduced at the Fall/Winter 2014-2015 collection shows. Watch how it is made, exclusively on Vogue.fr as the expert craftsmen at Dior takes us through each step of making their latest it-bag, from the precise leather-cutting, to the different pieces coming together and the neat stitching to finish.




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7 responses to “A PEEK AT DIOR

  1. Brunella B R

    Oh my goodness! I really want to say thanks to you Don again and again.

  2. Beautiful! Thank you! It was a much needed lift in my spirit.

  3. Thank you, when it is broken down like that you can see how it is done and having made a leather bag it makes a lot of sense and I even learnt something new.

  4. Already had a great respect for the craft, even before seeing this video, but now, after having seen this – I’m speechless! This was absolutely priceless, to see how some of the intricacies in the process are actually performed, this could not be bought at any price! Thank you ever so much for bringing this to us, and to you particularly for sharing your experience and knowledge with us (those who like I, aspire to construct a quality bag for those who respect the beauty of craftsmanship and quality materials)…

    I could sing your praises on and on, but I’ll stop here and save some for another time 🙂

    Again, many, many, thanks to you Mr. Don

    • Don

      Thank you for your kind words Jenine. My aim is to show that ANYONE can be a designer. DIY can help you get there.

      • having been performing research for several months now, coming across your blog was an alignment of the stars! I am ready to get started, I had all of the resources, some knowledge, and now, I have the courage and support I was lacking! Again, thank you Mr. Don.

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