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BAG’N-TELLE is celebrating design-it-yourself arts and crafts during National Craft Month.  March has been designated as National Craft Month in the United States & Canada, so why not join me in celebrating it by taking up some of the crafts you’ve been meaning to try? Here are a few suggestions to get you started:


Start with a simple project. Whether you’re new to bag designing or have been creating fashion bags since you could sew, beginning National Craft Month with easy projects will motivate you to work on more ambitious projects later. Why not start with a few simple bag-design tutorials, such as my Utility Tote or Eco Tote, before you move on to the Duffle Bag or my Chic Lunch Bag? You can often use the easy bag patterns you draft to supplement other bag creations later, especially if you’ll be selecting a more novel material such as leather or oilcloth for your fabrications. If you’ll be working on bag projects with your children, select kids’ projects that are appropriate for each child’s age so they don’t become frustrated. Many simple projects only require basic sewing skills.


Try a new craft you’ve always been interested in. If you’ve wanted to take up fashion bag designing or wanted to take a how-to class yet have never taken an online class before, National Craft Month is the perfect time to start. Many retailers, especially online stores, offer deals on craft supplies and specialty tools during this month, and you can often find project ideas and tips that can help, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced crafter. As an affiliate of , I know that Craftsy, the global crafting community, will be celebrating National Craft Month with great discounts on online classes to first time buyers and awarding a donation to a craft-oriented charity. It’s a great time to learn a new skill from the thousand of craft classes they offer. There are many fashion bag classes from Craftsy given by myself as well as my colleagues, Betz White,  Annie Unrein, Brett Bara, Janelle MacKay, Lisa LamSarah Lawson, Kathy McGee, Nicole Vasbinder, Amanda Murphyand Joan Hawley; or engage in your passion for sewing by trying one of Craftsy tote kits which include pattern and fabrics from well-known textile collections, such as Robert Kaufman, RJR Fabrics, and Kaffe Fassett, to name a few . And if you’re not completely satisfied, there is a 100% money-back guarantee. How can you lose? You might even be the lucky student who wins a $1,000 donation to a craft-focused charity of your choice. It’s easy to enter to win, just sign up for your first Craftsy class online between Feb. 29 to March 13, 2016.


Choose projects you can finish during National Crafting Month. While you may be tempted to begin on a large fashion bag project, such as hand-stitched satchel or weekender, during March, you’ll be more motivated to finish fashion bags that can be completed before the month ends. Making occasion-oriented bag fashions you’ll be using in the next few months for Mother’s Day or other springtime celebrations such as graduation are a great way to use your time, as are other fashion ideas you can give as gifts, such as my “MAKING LEATHER BAGS with Don Morin” online class. It makes a delightful gift for the budding fashion designer on your list. You could also write down craft and design ideas you want to try during different weeks of the month to keep yourself on track. If you do want to start a bigger craft, set deadlines for yourself so you’ll complete the project. For example, you might set a goal to finish that half-done quilt by the end of the month, so that you can use your quilted fabric to make a quilted fashion bag. Once National Craft Month ends, you can continue to set deadlines so you’ll be able to finish your crafts and move on to something else.

Now go out there and enjoy National Craft Month, you have the entire month of March to get started or continue crafting… enjoy yourself and have fun!

P.S. Craftsy member, Cheri C. (student of Marc Taro Holmes), was the lucky winner and chose Art Road to receive the donation: a non-profit bringing art class back into schools. Thanks again to all participants 🙂


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  1. TheLisA Daniel

    Can I participate?how can I be part of this?i love crating…I am in Africa

    • Don

      We all love a crafter, Lisa. I am aiming to get newbies to DIY to try a new skill or try making something outside their comfort zone and with Craftsy offering 2 lucky newbies a $1000.US to their favourite craft-oriented charity, I am promoting my online class and my links to my colleagues at Craftsy as a way to participate in National Craft Month. So click on those blue links in my post above and enroll. It also makes a great gift if you have a budding crafter on your list. Go for it Lisa go for it.

  2. Don

    Wow Food & Cooking classes are more popular than Sewing classes….how can that be? With just 2 days left in our Craft Month celebrations, Craftsy is announcing a new way to double the charitable contribution to $2,000 ($1,000 each for 2 lucky students)! We just need to reach 50% participation –we’re already at 43% participation and just need 47 more people to purchase a sewing class before Monday! (contest ends Sunday, 3/13 at midnight MST). Just select my affiliate link or those of my colleagues to enter.

  3. Don

    Congratz to Violaine M., the winner of the $1,000 for a craft-focused charity of her choice from
    Violaine signed up for the first time with Sandra Betzina..

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