Amazing… All by sewers like you


                                                                                                                                                                   Photo: Craftsy

As you know I am a Craftsy affiliate member and offer my on-line class, MAKING LEATHER BAGS with Don Morin, using the Craftsy platform. It’s my chance to have you follow along with me as I start with a few pieces of leather and turn it into a design-it-yourself totebag. So many of you have signed up with Craftsy and have gone beyond my basic “working with leather” demonstrations and created unique handbag designs of your own. I’m so proud of you.

Click on the gallery link below to explore more from bag makers like you… and if you want to join along with these creative people, you can go to my STORE section and sign up to my class as well as those of my colleagues at Craftsy by using my affiliate links.

You’ll find some great bag-making classes from bag design experts Brett Bara, Lisa Lam, Jan Hawley, Annie Unrein, Nicole Vasbinder, Betz White, Sara Lawson, Janelle MacKay, Kathy, McGee, and Caroline Fairbanks-Critchfield .

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