Craftsy is getting a makeover! How they grow up so fast!

Craftsy released a brand new site relaunch today, with a sparkling new site & brand identity.

Craftsy has evolved quite a bit since my start with them as an affiliate in 2013. They were are my solution to all my followers who were asking for design books or videos authored by me. Craftsy made it possible for me to deliver regardless of my hectic schedule.  And now with hundreds of classes to choose from, Craftsy has decided it too needed its site’s original platform to be a better fit for the crafting community at-large. So today, we see a new Craftsy… a Craftsy 2.0!


The Craftsy group is lucky to have incredible followers who inspire with their passion and creativity. In speaking with many of their members, Craftsy realized that by integrating project ideas, learning, and supplies in one place, they could make it easier and more fulfilling for members to get down to what they love to do: to create and make!



Think of Craftsy as the hostess of the world’s largest crafting party.

As a Craftsy affiliate, I want you… to create! Maybe it’s a sweater, maybe it’s a quilt, maybe it’s just a great big beautiful leather tote, like the one I demonstrate in “MAKING LEATHER BAGS with Don Morin(shameless plug 😀).

leather bag coolage

That creative itch you can’t ignore? They can help scratch it. My Craftsy colleagues and I are here to fuel the joy of self-expression — to share ideas and help your unique creativity bloom. We speak the language of colour, design, texture, flavour and above all, inspiration — and we want everyone in on the fun. Because when you create something you never thought possible, we’re just as excited as you are.

So join in! Let’s celebrate their new look and make something amazing together.

If Craftsy were a person like me, we would be…

Inviting: We like to look at the world as one big craft-along, and everyone’s invited.

Excited to Learn & Share: We love discovering the next new pattern, the next new colour, the next new recipe, the next new beautiful idea. And lucky for you, Craftsy is big on spreading the word.

Encouraging & Empowering: The best creative adventures usually involve a few messes and mistakes — so go ahead and enjoy ‘em. You will only be the wiser.

Creative & Original: We live for colour, flavour, texture, pattern and design — and it shows in everything we do.

Lighthearted & Playful: Ultimately, Craftsy is in the business of fun. So they never take ourselves too seriously.

Knowledgeable: Craftsy instructors have got lots of experience, so you can count on us for smart tips, tools and troubleshooting.



Along with the many creative crafts offered, I enjoy reading the Craftsy blog. There are so many wonderful freebies to treat you to your passion. Be the first to enjoy new tutorials, resources, contests, giveaways & more. It’s all free!

And lastly, this one is probably my most-favourite — the makers’ gallery, where I get to see all the wonderful things you’ve have made.

Whether you’re a crafting newbie or a seasoned professional, come make yourself at home. Try a class, start a new project or just look around if you’re curious. You’ll find many of my favourite Craftsy classes on my STORE page with my personal links to them all and you can follow them anywhere, anytime…. they even have a Craftsy App for iOS and Android. Furthermore, if you are not completely satisfied with your selection, Craftsy will return your money — guaranteed. Either way, we’re pretty sure you’ll find a friend. Have fun with the new Craftsy, create and make something amazing!


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