Here is colour/branding authority, PANTOME’s take on this coming year’s colour trend forecast in global design and marketing. It’s a dramatically provocative and thoughtful purple shade. Here’s what they had to say…

¨On the runway or the streets, Ultra Violet is an enchanting purple that provides a theatrical linkage for both men’s and women’s styles. True to the coupled nature of Ultra Violet, created by combining red and blue, Ultra Violet lends itself to unique colour combinations in fashion and is easier to pair with all colours on the spectrum than one might think. With golds or other metallics, Ultra Violet becomes luxurious and dazzling; with greens or greys it evokes natural elegance. Similarly, Ultra Violet takes on distinct appearances with different materials. Lush velvets in the colour suggest intrigue for evening, but are also unexpectedly modern in athleisure or sneakers. In accessories, jewelry, and eyewear, Ultra Violet suggests the complexities of natural gems, textures, and florals.¨


With colour on the catwalk as a key indicator of the colour pathways you can expect to see showing up across all areas of design and dare we say, with unexpected colour palettes, that encourages opportunities for self-expression, you may want to check out more colour trend forecasts from the Spring 2018 Fashion Week shows for inspiration, courtesy of Pantone.


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