There is no simple formula for creative design and style… everyone has ideas. But there are similarities of experience and insight that is worth sharing to execute these ideas. These DIY tutorials are free – and if you like what you read here, there’s much more in store.

1. Utility Tote

2. Duffle Bag Tote

3. Clutch Purse

4. Saddle-stitched Handbag

5. Chic Lunch Tote

6. Hard-side Pannier Tote

7. Cabochon Rose Evening Bag

8. Eco Tote

9. Faux Fur Shoulderbag

10. Multi-Pocket Urban Tote

11. Lined Zippered Clutch Bag

12. Old School Backpack

13. Paillette Evening Bag

14. Plaited Handbag

15. Convertible Sling Bag

16. Etui Bag

17. The Bucket Bag

18. The Patterned Purse

19. The Handy Tote