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You don’t have to be a fourth generation Rockefeller or a Nantucket vacationer to have a monogram. A monogram is a great way to personalize travel and small leather goods, as well as, your own daily-use carry-all. Whether traditional and elaborate or modern and minimal, BAG’N-TELLE will help you design a DIY monogram that jives with your personality, aesthetic, and fashion image.

What is a monogram? A monogram tells a little bit about you. It suggests who we are or want to be, puts forth our views on lifestyle, tradition, and individual identity, not to mention the wonderful things it does for the customization of your own bag designs. A monogram consists of a person’s initials — usually a variation on the first, middle, and last name and much has been written about proper monogram etiquette, yet in the end your monogram should tell a story about you.


1. Choose A Letter Style

mono 2_Fotor

Embellish your bag design with a full name, team mascot, title or initials, with one of these eye-catching arrangements.

Note: The traditional monogram layout would be first initial, last initial, then middle initial.

2. Choose A Font Style


Find your favourite font, whether you prefer a serif, no serif or a timeless script.

3. Choose A Colour Scheme*


Monochromatic – for a subtle, safe look

analo revised 2_Fotor

Analogous – for a lively, smart look


Complementary – for a high contrast, bold look

With shades ranging from black to something a bit brighter, the thread/ink choice is yours. Make your statement as subtle or as bold as you like.

* Lettering colours vary based on fabric colour and should harmonize the overall bag design.

4. Personalize


When your style, thread colour, font and arrangement come together, the result is a wonderful look that is truly, uniquely yours.

5. Other Options

Beside embroidery, there are other ways to produce a personalized look to your bag design.

Try fabric printing/silk-screening. Copyright-free images can be easily be found on the Internet and used with iron-on or fabric transfer paper. There are many design motifs to choose from to give you ideas for your projects. Inkjet printers transfer kits are available in the marketplace and manufacturer’s instructions are easy to follow.

Paint and inks too messy? Perhaps an iron-on transfer?lettering_Fotor

Many sewing notion retailers offer press-on letter transfers. These items use a “hot fix” technique utilizing letter fonts and motifs. Kits are available as embroidered lettering or glass flat-back beads available in gemstone colours and rhinestone. Letters can be cut out and arranged to make a monogram or personal “logo”.

Still too complicated?

Look for embellishments to add to your bag design such as monogrammed buttons or key fobs.

luggage tag_Fotor_CollageMonogram keychains and monogram bag tags are available in lots of modern and traditional styles. Many of the styles can be designed in the pattern colours, accent colours, and fonts that will compliment your bag design.

Harmonize your metals. Match the metal colour and finish of your button/fob selections to coordinate with that of any bag fittings or metal zippers used in your bag design.

Finding your luggage in an instant with a bright coloured bag tag with your name or monogram on it makes travelling a breeze.

So there you are….a few ideas to inspire you how to truly make it your own. I am certain, you have a few creative ideas of your own.



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  1. Your article is interesting and gives the details about monogram.

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